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Burial Insurance With COPD


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Burial insurance is just like other life insurance in that the carrier is trying to make profits by taking on a risk in exchange for payment.  The carriers appetites for certain risks like COPD are represented by their willingness  or unwillingness to make an offer and the cost of the offer.

Final expense insurance  is different from the term commercials you see on television that are geared for healthy 35 year old people. It is more expensive and it is for older  people with serious health conditions.

Now if you have COPD, you don't need an insurance website to tell you it's a serious condition. The life insurance companies take it seriously also. In fact there is only one carrier that will grant first day coverage with no waiting period to folks with COPD.  

See, most all carriers will consider COPD as a "graded" condition. Graded policies pay a partial benefit during the first two years of the policy. Most graded options pay out 25-40% of the death benefit if you pass away during the first year. The second year of the policy will pay out 60-70% of the death benefit. After 2 years the full benefit will pay out.

So called "final expense" policies are no exam whole life policies that are generally  very  forgiving when it comes to qualifying  guidelines.   Being that they are whole life policies, you can be assured that :

  • The Rates Will Never Go Up.
  • The Benefit Will Never Go Down
  • The Policy Will Not Expire.
  • No Exam Is Ever Needed
Burial insurance with COPD

NSURECOPD.COM  Goes Through The  the application questions As part of Your COPD Burial Insurance Quote

Unlike nearly all other brokers who give a meaningless quote prior to asking you any questions, just so they can get your email and phone number, we run through the actual application questions as part of the quote path. We do it this way so you know what type of policy you will qualify for. Then,  the quote tool can help you to decide the amount of coverage and payment you are comfortable with.

It is only after you found out what you qualify for,  what it will cost, and you are ready to apply that we ask you for your contact information. We do it this way  because we don't want to bother you if you are not ready to get coverage. When you receive a call from an agent at INSURECOPD.COM it will be to confirm the application answers and  process the application.  

While it is the case that "final expense" carriers are very lenient about your health,  when it comes to COPD, carriers are  less forgiving.  With a couple  notable exceptions all COPD cases will be offered graded coverage or worse . In this case "worse" is a modified plan that only pays out the premiums paid  (plus interest) for 3 years.  Modified plans don't make sense because you can get Guaranteed Issue coverage less expensively. 

Now, evenn in the case of  no exam carriers ,  you will need to meet certain requirements. These requirements are broken into four parts:

  • 1
    Age & Build
  • 2
     Application Questions Part 1
  • 3
    Application Questions Part 2
  • 4
    Prescription History

Qualification Step 1: Age & Build Chart


The first thing a final expense carrier who covers COPD   looks at to see if your file is First Day Coverage, Graded Coverage or Guaranteed Issue Coverage is your age and build. Most final expense carriers don't want to cover folks who are under 40. or over 85.   If you are under 40 you may need to use a guaranteed issue policy until you meet the age guidelines.


Nearly all carriers have build charts that prescribe a maximum weight for a specific height.  The reason for this is the added risk they take on when insuring folks who are overweight. The limits are pretty lenient. You can check the build chart by clicking the button below.

Qualification Step 2 : Application Questions Part 1

  • No History of Congestive heart failure (CHF), cardiomyopathy, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, senile dementia, d​​​​ementia, heart defibrillator implant, two or more instances of internal cancer(s) or terminal illness  
  • No History of Organ transplant (other than corneal), untreated Hepatitis C, kidney failure or dialysis, amputation due to diabetic complications, multiple sclerosis muscular dystrophy, mental retardation, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig’s disease, Downs’s syndrome, cystic fibrosis or Huntington’s disease
  • No History of Diabetes at age 9 or younger
  • No History of AIDS  AIDS Related Complex, tested positive for HIV virus or any other disorder of the immune system 
  • Within the last Year No uncontrolled diabetes or  uncontrolled high blood pressure
  • Within the last year you cannot have been confined to a hospital, been advised to have surgery or hospitalization, used oxygen due to a medical condition, been unable to care for yourself or been bedridden at home or in a nursing home, hospice, long-term care or assisted living facility. Definition of assisted living: requires help in at least one area of skills considered necessary for living and caring for oneself (feeding, dressing or bathing). 

If You Have met these Requirements -Congratulations! You will be offered a policy that covers COPD. However, For Full Day 1 Coverage You Have A Few More Requirements.

Qualification Step 3: Application Questions Part 2

Within the past 2 years  you cannot have been diagnosed , treated, tested positive for, or been given medical advice by a member of the medical profession for:

  •  (a) Angina (chest pain), any type of heart or circulatory surgery, heart attack, or received a pacemaker or stent.
  • (b) Stroke, Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA/mini-stroke) or paralysis
  • c) Cancer or received or been advised to receive chemotherapy or radiation for cancer (the term “cancer” includes melanoma, but excludes basal cell skin cancer)
  • (d) Aneurysm, brain tumor or sickle cell anemia?
  • e) Complications of diabetes such as nephropathy (kidney), neuropathy (nerve, circulatory), retinopathy (eye) diabetic coma or insulin shock
  • Alcohol or drug abuse, having used illegal drugs or been convicted of felony or on parole.
  • (g) Used a walker, wheelchair or electric scooter due to chronic illness or disease

Qualification Step 4: Prescription History and MIB 

Prescription History

Because burial insurance carrier do not do exam and do not contact your doctor, they rely on pharmacy reports to  validate the answers to the application questions.

For example, if you are taking cancer drugs and claim not to have had cancer, it will be tough to get approved.   If you have been prescribed a drug "off-label" that would normally be used for conditions listed on the questionnaire, make sure to tell the agent processing the application.

***Important *** Pharmacy Report *** Important***

In addition to checking your prescription history, carriers will check if the Medical Information Bureau has anything about you on file. The Medical Information Bureau (or MIB) is an insurance industry organization that shares information among members. 

The information is hared is the data that came about in any previous life insurance applications. If you have no other life insurance and you have not applied within the last 5 years there  will be nothing in the file. However, if you have been declined in the past make sure your agent is aware of this information.


Okay, So Now I Know the Type of Coverage I Can Get Approved For. How Do I Apply?

If you are a non-smoker and  you have COPD and you meet the requirements for Fist day coverage, simply fill out the quote form and hit Get Quote. The rate will be shown. You can try  changing the amount of life insurance to comfortably fit your budget. Once you have a payment you are comfortable with, simply click the Apply Now button. This will lead you to an application where you answer the questions we just listed above and hit SUBMIT.

That's Great for  Folks Who Qualify, But What If You Have COPD And Can't Answer No to All The Questions?

Graded Coverage

Just because you don't qualify for First Day Full Coverage does not mean you don't qualify for good insurance. 

If you answered  NO to the questions in part one,  but Yes to questions in part TWO . you will be able to qualify for a graded policy.

Depending on the carrier this will pay 30-40% of the benefit in year one, 60-70% in year two and the full benefit in year three.  

The process is the same. You choose GRADED COVERAGE on the quote tool and and find a premium you find comfortable within your budget.  At that point simply hit the  Apply Now button. Fill out the application and  SUBMIT.​

Guaranteed Issue Policy

If you answered YES to any of questions  in part , you will be offered guaranteed issue coverage.​

Depending on the carrier these policies will return the premiums you paid plus interest in year one, 20-30% in year two,and 50-50% in year three. After three years the full benefit is available to be paid out.   ​

The process is the same. You choose GUARANTEED ISSUE on the quote tool and and find a premium you feel comfortable with.  At that point simply hit the  Apply Now button. Fill out the application and  SUBMIT

Carrier Phone Call , Pharmacy Report and And Voice Signature for COPD Cases!

Upon submitting your application you will be contacted by a licensed agent from  to process your application. This will consist emailing disclosures and initiating a 3 way telephone call with a representative of the carrier. This  call will go over the call will take 10-20 minutes , it will cover the questions you answered in the application as well as your pharmacy records and any MIB records( the MIB or Medical Information Board, is a repository for any record other life insurance companies have on you from previous applications).

​​​In order to complete the interview successfully, you will  provide the following:

Beneficiary Information

Drivers license  number and expiration date

Social Security Number

Checking Account  routing number and account number

The day of the month that you want your payment to be drawn 

(If you are using a cell phone make sure you are charged up)

What's Is Voice Signature And How Does It Work?

Voice signature is simply the carrier using a third party verification service to interview and record your answers to the application questions.  The recording serves as the carries record of your answers to application questions, acknowledgment that you have received the appropriate disclosures, and are aware of the provisions of the life insurance policy. 

Once the interviewer has obtained your checking account information,  completed the disclosures , and application questions (this can be a little tedious), she will step away from the call for 2-3 minutes and return with an underwriting answer. At this point it's time to celebrate- you are done with the process and you have life insurance (even with COPD). The policy will be mailed to you. 

How Come There Are So Few Carriers To Choose From?​​​So you  probably noticed there are very few carries from which to choose. This is for a few  reasons:

  • 1
    Most carriers will not  insure COPD at all, and even fewer will do "first day" coverage.
  • 2
    We have limited the carriers here to companies that will allow for "voice signature".  We have done this to eliminate the technology issues faced by many people when trying to use the computer to sign the policy.
  • 3
    We have only offered simple issue  whole life policies. While we are aware that some term carriers will underwrite COPD, they will not do so with no exam and voice signature.      

What Makes Different?

/In addition to being the only agency in the country with a focus limited to COPD, we may also be the only agency that  thoroughly qualifies you for a policy before even asking for your email or phone number. That is different.

To Sum It All Up For You....

  • We are experienced with COPD cases.
  • We are transparent in our pricing and our process.​
  • We always work to get the best deal available for our clients.
  • We qualify upfront so we don't waste your time.